OK – here we go.

March 23, 2006

The Diveometer – how’s it going to work?

Marks out of 10 will be awarded to a given player for each of the following categories for any given game:

  1. Frequency of diving – how often did he do it?
  2. Artistic Impression – was it good quality theatrical diving? How far was the nearest player when he did it? 3 miles?
  3. Effect of diving – did he get the anyone booked? Did he win a penalty etc?
  4. General ref hassling – did he get his opinion in when he really didn’t need to? How was his moaning? Physical abuse scores extra, sadly.
  5. Niggle factor – how many of those “little things” did he do to annoy the opposition?

So that’s a mark out of 50, we’ll double it up to make a percentage and then stick it into a league table – one for players, one for teams. One note – the same player from any given team cannot be used twice in succession – i.e. it’s Drogba today, so another Chelsea player must be rated before Drogba can be used again. We don’t want to pick on anyone. Really.

Got it? Good.


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